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Thrust Into Dating When You Least Expect It

Thrust into dating when you least expect it in your small town You never know when you could be facing dating. When you are in a relationship that seems stable, the last thing you would expect is to find yourself dating again, but it happens by death (widow), deceit (cheating), and design (someone in the relationship just can’t take it anymore). And how about all those not so stable relationships? You know who you are: the constant bickering, the rudeness, yelling and screaming, the disdain for one’s mate. It doesn’t take all that much to push you folks over the edge. Low and behold, you find yourself alone and looking for companionship. Don’t think for a minute that you are alone. There are plenty of you looking for dates. Don’t think it’s not scary, because it is very scary. Not only do you have to start looking nice and get yourself fit, you may have to have someone other than your doctor see you naked for the first time in many years – scary! For some, a defeatist attitude prevails, and they go through life alone; no dating, no companionship, no taking of the marriage vows again. Not that you have to "go all the way" (regarding the marriage vows or sexually), but never dating again makes for an empty existence, unless you have friends, hobbies, grandchildren and family. So it's not like you have to date, but it adds a richness to your life if you can find a compatible mate. Don’t be surprised if it takes a little time to get back in the game. A loss needs time for mending and recovery. However, don’t use your loss as an excuse to become a hermit and sink into depression from which it is difficult to emerge. If you live in a small town, dating is more difficult. After all, you know just about everyone in town, and the pool of daters is usually small. Many of your friends and acquaintances have already tried to "fix you up." It's time to think "outside the box" a.k.a. "outside your neighborhood." Your small town must have borders and you may have to search for your new mate in the next town over. And what could be easier than jumping on the Internet to find someone by Internet dating. There are a host of rules that can make the process much easier, and once you realize it’s not really that difficult to date again, you’ll be back in the game. If you want an edge on dating again, get my book, here:

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