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About Robert M. Fleisher

Dr. Fleisher holds a B.A. in psychology and DMD with a specialty in endodontics and continues to lecture at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia. He has lectured nationally and engaged in writing for the past thirty-five years. Dr. Fleisher has written for professional journals, penned several non-fiction books on aging and relationships, and two novels. He is an editorial advisor for Endodontic Practice, US, and an active member of The International Thriller Writers.


Why would I, after a successful and fulfilling career, decide to write about relationships? Having seen my relationship go from less-sex to sexless and hearing similar stories from many others, I wanted folks to avoid the trap so many fall into, a failed matrimony. Did that happen to your marriage after the honeymoon? Did you become mostly impotent, and your spouse ran off with another lover? Sound familiar? Don’t ever think it can’t happen to you. It happened to me. That’s why I’m working on a new book that deals with these issues.


Though I have a degree in psychology, I've been studying human behavior all my life. I've also learned the hard way through my own failed relationship. It can happen to anyone, and I want to do my part to make sure it doesn't happen to you.


There are ways to prevent relationship disasters and remedies to fix them when it happens to you. No matter how wholesome or dysfunctional your relationship, now is the time to act. Or you can ignore the reality of nature and human nature’s effect on marriage, dry up and fade away.


Who doesn’t want a great sex life, apart from eunuchs and geldings? The subject of sex is vast and well-studied throughout history. But, unfortunately, too many relationships go from less-sex to sexless. In a straightforward and lighthearted way, I like to offer remedies.


It’s my goal to hit on all aspects of relationships and how they directly touch upon sexual interactions. First, I explore the six main issues affecting relationships—and sex specifically. Then, I wish to provide suggestions to fix them and describe the methods for better and more abundant sex. The six issues include psychological, physical, personal, hormonal, behavioral, and combination problems. Understanding the dynamics of these interwoven components, all too often ignored, results in poor relationships leading to stress, anxiety, anger, and ultimately a shortened life span. As we know, stress kills!


Maintaining a social media presence with over 2500 followers and having the time to write and promote my books, I look forward to engaging in telling and selling my stories.

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