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Dating Again is sentimental, emotional, nostalgic, and most of all, a laugh-out-loud book on dating.

There comes a time in everyone’s life that you find a need to search for companionship. It’s never easy to do in youth, but it’s much harder the second time around. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the perils and pleasures of dating... again! Death, divorce, dysfunction—the three Ds that will find you alone and lonely. Learn how to make companionship and love happen all over again. If you’ve been alone for some time now, or if you’re ready to move on and need some advice on how to get back in the dating game, it’s all right here in Dating Again.


Gadzooks! Dating again has to be scary for most people. And that’s why you need this guide to dating in the Internet-based world of modern relationships. Even if you have no interest in dating right now, you can’t forget the thrill of bringing a new partner into your life. Who says you can’t do that again? The world may have changed since you last found yourself looking for love. Bring some sunshine and humor into your life with Dating Again. And get back in the game.

The Sexless Marriage Fix, by doctors Robert M. Fleisher and Roberta Foss-Morgan, is the book that gets everyone talking about a problem no one is talking about: sexless marriage.


Unfortunately, it’s an intimate problem that is nearing epidemic proportions. But what many don’t realize is that there are real solutions, and it all begins with a blood test! In this eye-opening book, the authors reveal:


The true causes of the decline in the nature and frequency of sexual relations, including personal, behavioral, physical (including hormonal), psychological, or combined factors.


An intimate and straightforward discussion on male and female sexuality, including a frank exploration of aspects related to a decline in attraction unique to each gender.


How to work through virtually any problem with a comprehensive program designed to restore harmonious feelings and increase intimacy.


Coming Soon

I’ve been writing for over forty years, first professionally in journals, second as a hobby, and now full-time. My interest in health and aging became the genesis of my first entry into the world of creating self-help books. Eventually, fiction became an interest and passion. But all along, I felt the need to at least warn others how and why their relationships might become tainted. Unfortunately, from my personal experiences, I ended up alone after a heartbreaking divorce.


Fortuitously, I met a physician who had a vast knowledge of staying young, remaining in the game, and resolving the many problems associated with marriages. Together, we wrote a book, The Sexless Marriage Fix. The only problem was that people were too embarrassed to let anyone know they needed the book. The title was horrendous. Who would put a book like that on their coffee table? No one!

Ironically, we kept getting royalty checks, so someone appeared to buy and read our book. Perhaps they hid it under their bed, only to be read out of sight.


Since I found myself alone and in the dating world—AGAIN, I learned a great deal since my youth, as values and mores changed dramatically over the years. I had to navigate the dating world alone and discovered a lot about the new age of finding a mate on the Internet. To that end, I decided to help others in their quest for true love and wrote, Dating Again: A guide For Dating Just When You Thought You Were Done. I made every effort to address the most plausible items that could be needed to date in this new world, along with some implausible things for the neurotic dater as well.


Currently, I’m working on my relationship opus. This book ties your relationship needs altogether. I hope anyone serious about mending all that has gone wrong over the years will find this future book indispensable.

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