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The Six Reasons Relationships Fail

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Check out my article with The Relationship Guy using the next link. His blog has lots of great material to help you with your relationship questions. Upon analysis, there are six fundamental reasons relationships fail, bickering prevails, and sex gets relegated to a thing you used to do. This collection of causes falls into categories that affect us all and include personal issues like lost love, boredom, and changes in interests. Behavioral issues have a tremendous effect on relationships. You probably have a list of behaviors that annoy you, and many you never thought about that destroy your bonding. Physical issues become rather evident as we age, with medical problems and physical limitations taking a toll. Psychological issues usually surface over the lifetime of a relationship. However, when looking back, red flags were often there but missed since raging hormones clouded judgment. Hormonal issues are the big ones when it comes to sex because if your hormones are out of balance, sex will be the last thing on your mind.

Combined issues are the more likely cause of relationship and sexual problems as they usually comprise two or more of the troubles noted above.

Before you can expect to have a great sex life, you need to figure out the nature of your problems and seek therapy for those you can’t manage on your own. Then, with awareness and some preventative measures, you may have a good sex life and enjoy the respect and dignity of a wholesome connection.

While everyone knows when their relationship is failing, many folks don’t know how to fix it. Even with all the counseling, therapists, and self-help books available, way too many relationships end in failure. That being divorce or the frustration of endless arguments and little or no sex glue left to hold couples together. The failure we see with so many “treatments” is that they usually address only one of the issues noted above. Time to fix it all.

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