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My visit with Dr. Laura Betito, Psychologist, Radio Personality, and Sex Therapist

Dr. Laura Betito is a well known Canadian radio personality, psychologist and sex therapist. She has help many people deal with relationship and sexual problems. In anticipation of my latest book that's in the final stages, we spoke about how hormones play a significant role in our sexuality and our behavior that can make of break our relationships. Listen now at this link to her podcast were we discuss hormones, sexuality, and relationships. My segment starts at around 20.5 minutes into the broadcast.

Dr. Laurie has moved away from commercial radio and into the podcasting world where she talks about love, sex, and relationships, and answers your questions.

Dr. Laurie covers all the bases (so to speak). She shies away from nothing, and her guests have ranged from world renowned urologists and best selling authors, to porn stars, advocates, and tantric sex instructors. But normally she focuses on the concerns of the average guy or gal… sexual dysfunction, infidelity, teen sex, etc. Dr. Laurie gives her advice on any problem troubling your heart, and she offers her opinions on a wide range of topics.

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